Comfortably Light. Our fashion staple. The perfect everyday accessory. Our Shred LITE design combines the comfort of a lightweight scarf with the stylishness of a necklace. Whether you’re rocking a casual dress or a t-shirt and jeans, the LITE can amp up even the most simple outfit.

Dona Bela Shreds, the revolutionary fashion accessory brand, turns upcycled garments into stylish, unique neckwear pieces. Each of our Shred items are crafted with care and great attention to detail in a variety of designs and colors that reflect the most current fashion trends.

We strive to provide quality fashion neckwear that is as unique as our customers. We want our clientele to feel confident and comfortable in every accessory they rock. The Dona Bela Shreds line is not only a way to express self-love, but it can positively impact the environment and our communities.

All Shreds are designed and handmade in our headquarters located in Des Moines, IA.
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