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Mirage Lite

Length: 19 - 21”


SHREDlite - Our fashion staple - The SHREDlite is a our lightweight neckwear design that is the perfect balance of necklace and scarf.

How to wear it: casual dress, simple t-shirt or light sweater, layer with necklaces. 

The Dona Bela SHREDS team uses their creative brain power to design unique pieces using the leftover fabric from this season’s must-have wardrobe. This innovative fashion brand seamlessly combines elements of practicality, elegance and originality to ​new, unused ​textile remnants. Designed and handmade in Des Moines, Dona Bela SHREDS are created to help customers feel beautiful, confident and comfortable while doing good for the environment and community. A portion of every sale is donated to a charity in line with the company’s values, they have recently partnered with, Women Strong, Dress for Success and more.


Did you know?



  • The definition of “upcycling” is:  (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of a higher quality or value than the original.

    • “15 to 20 percent of the fabric used to produce clothing winds up in the nation’s landfills…” - — Stephanie Rosenbloom “Fashion Tries on Zero Waste Design”, The New York Times.
    • We never know what material colors we will be receiving. Once we create a SHRED, we will never be able to replicate it again.
    • All SHREDS are handmade in the fashion capital of the world : Des Moines, IA
    • Our DB SHREDS Donate Back program donates a percentage of proceeds each month to selected foundations that inspire the DB SHREDS mission.


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