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UpKnits by Dona Bela Shreds - 20-yards

Upcycled knit material - A comfortable and colorful elastic alternative for DIY mask-making. Five yards of UpKnit material will make approximately 3-5 masks depending on the mask size.

What’s in a bundle?

20-yards of Shreds Upcycled Knit Material. 

How much elastic is needed to make a mask?

On average, 5-yards will make 3-5 masks depending on the elasticity of the material and the mask size. 

Material recommended for your mask portion:

*Woven material (ex. 100% cotton) works best for the mask portion. Knit material is stretchy (Shreds material) and works best to loop the mask behind your ears. 

See below links for additional information for DIY Mask-Making:

Some Fabrics Work Better Than Others:


How to Make Your Own Face Mask:


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