It’s officially sweater weather and you know what that means: It’s time to break out your scarf collection. The beauty of scarves is that they work with every outfit in your fall wardrobe. They can keep you warm while still being comfortable and stylish.

illustrations of tied scarves

We sifted through some of the most popular ways to tie your scarves and came up with ones that will surely work with every look this season. Check out what we’ve put together and get a step-by-step instructional walkthrough!

1. The Classic Loop

classic looped scarf

The name says it all: Classic. This technique is one that can give something extra to your outfit and keep you warm—without going over the top. Simply fold the scarf in half, place it around the back of your neck with both ends in front and pull the loose ends through the loop. Voila! Now, you have a whole new look. 

2. The Braid

braided scarf

Add some detailing to your outfit with a braided scarf look. First, fold the scarf in half and place it around your neck. Next, take the loose ends of the scarf and pull them through the loop (don’t pull too tight!). Twist the loop and pull the loose ends through again. Continue twisting the loop with one hand and pulling the ends through until you reach the end of your scarf.

3. The Knotted Necklace

knotted scarf

This technique works perfectly with a silk or lightweight scarf. Lay the garment around the back of your neck and tie a knot on both sides. Take each of the loose ends and tie them together. Adjust the scarf by turning it around so that the knotted details are draped in front and the scarf’s ends lay across your neck. 

4. The Cowl

cowl scarf

The cowl is the perfect scarf style to keep you warm during cold weather. Simply place the scarf around your neck and adjust it so that one end is shorter than the other. Take the longer side and wrap it around your neck twice, then tuck in the loose ends. If the scarf you’re using has fringe, you can play with it so that some of the fringe detail is visible.

5. The French Knot

french knot scarf

Put a French twist on your classic scarf look. Start by folding your scarf in half and lay it around your shoulders. Then, take one loose end and pull it over and under the scarf loop. Use the other end piece and go under and over the same loop.

6. The Tie Loop

tie loop scarf

This look is perfect under a jacket or a blazer. Wrap the scarf around your neck and make sure the ends hang in front and are even. Next, move the left side over the right and bring it behind your neck and pull it through the hole. Finally, take the right end and pull it towards the left. Push it upward through the loop. Adjust the knot until it sits like a loose tie. 

7. Double-Sided Twist

double sided twist scarf

Add some diversity to your look by combining two of your favorite scarves. The best part of this method? It’s easy! Just loop both scarves once around your neck and adjust the fabric so you can see both designs.

8. Single Side Bow

single sided bow scarf

Sophisticated yet trendy, this technique can make the simplest outfit extra special. Wrap the scarf around your neck, cross one side over the other and gather it into a loop. Move the left half around the loop and down through the hole (similar to tying a shoelace). Tighten the knot and adjust the scarf so the bow sits how you’d like. 

Need some additional instruction to see how to get these unique scarf styles? Watch this video to set them in action!

We’re pretty sure all of these scarf wrapping methods are making you want to build out your collection even more. Dona Bela Shreds has some of the most stylish, sustainable scarves to complement to your fall wardrobe. Check out our latest arrivals that are designed to help keep you on-trend.

October 31, 2019 — Allison Motoyama