In the fashion world, discarded items, dangerous materials, and poor quality clothing are some of the main culprits when it comes to pollution. Enter the process of upcycling. Upcycling is the revolutionary method of recycling unused (and unwanted) clothing materials and turning them into brand new pieces. 

You may be wondering what kind of impact upcycling has? From lowered production costs to saving the environment, this simple movement can have a major effect on a variety of things. Participating in this is one of the best ways that retail brands and consumers can improve the state of our planet.

Here are some of the main reasons upcycling in the latest trend to sweep the fashion industry:

It’s Good for the Environment

What some may not know is that certain materials used in clothing can actually involve dangerous chemicals during the production process, which can lead to environmental issues like soil degradation and air pollution. These chemicals also run the risk of making their way into our waterways, our air supply and so many more.

production waste

With upcycling, the need for additional raw materials is drastically reduced which would require less of a need for certain chemicals to be used during production. This process helps tackle issues like poor air quality, the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, water pollution, greenhouse emissions and saves our rainforests.

It Lowers Production Costs 

For businesses involved in the fashion industry, upcycling can help minimize the overall cost of production. With this particular method, retailers are able to reuse materials for their products instead of having to have new materials made. This ultimately saves businesses money and reduces consumer costs. 

save money

Upcycling not only helps the environment, but it also can reduce what companies spend on production in regards to materials and labor. Another great benefit is how it can lead to increased profit margins. 

It Saves Natural Resources

As we previously talked about, the reduced need for production of new materials can save money as well as natural resources. If a retail fashion brand uses specific materials like bamboo for a pair of earrings, but they are able to use recycled bamboo instead, they are saving the need to cut down additional trees. 

cut trees natural resources

Upcycling can reduce the number of natural resources used throughout the fashion world. This can help with issues like deforestation or the loss of natural fibers.

It Supports Local Companies

One of the best benefits of upcycling is that it supports local industries and businesses. From manufacturers to providers of sustainable waste management to local retailers, upcycling helps boost the economy for communities. This is also helpful for brands to create new relationships and partnerships.

local business owners

By taking advantage of upcycling and local companies, the need to outsource to factories that contain harmful products is drastically reduced.

It Appeals to Consumers 

In today’s society, consumers are constantly educating themselves on where the products they purchase come from and how they are made. Because the state of our environment is in crisis, it has become increasingly important to many that their purchases are eco-friendly. According to Forbes, 93% of consumers across the globe expect businesses to be involved in environmental issues. 

savvy shopper

What businesses do not actually realize is that upcycling not only saves businesses money, but also makes them money. Customers are more willing to purchase items they know are made of great quality, have been repurposed and are helping fight this battle of saving the planet.

It Allows for More Creativity

Most fashion items today are manufactured in bulk and often have a pretty bland style. Using repurposed textiles allows for the opportunity to create unique, stylish lines and expand what retailers can feature. 

clothing designer sketching

It takes a very creative mind and an eye for trendy designs to know how to best use recycled garments. Upcycling provides new challenges to designers worthy of an episode of Project Runway.

Upcycling doesn’t just benefit those working in the fashion industry with things like saving money and the opportunity to unlock new creative ideas, but it also provides major benefits to consumers and the environment. Dona Bela Shreds believes it is super important to help make the movement of upcycling something that every business eventually implements. Get started with helping save the planet by checking out our eco-friendly, sustainable accessories that are guaranteed to take your look to the next level. 

August 19, 2019 — Allison Davidson Motoyama