watch and jewelry accessories

No outfit is complete without an accessory or two. This includes the looks you rock day-to-day. While some might consider an everyday accessory to be a statement necklace or a signature pair of Louboutins, they aren’t really the most practical. Items like these are really only saved for the most special occasions. They’re not something you would gravitate to and throw on to go to the office. Having versatile items can allow you to mix and match while always staying on-trend.

We’ve put together some staple pieces that every wardrobe should have. These pieces can be added to new outfits or looks from last season, keeping you stylish and classy.

A Jacket

Very few outfits hanging in your closet wouldn’t pair well with a classic jacket. A cross between an accessory and a piece of clothing is a chic leather biker jacket. Leather jackets can dress your look up or down depending on the occasion. Another trendy jacket that has never gone out of style is a suede jacket. While they do require more maintenance, suede jackets give warmth and comfort to go with your basic white t-shirt and jeans on those chilly fall nights.

leather jacket

Denim is also a staple for your casual looks. Pairing a jean jacket with a maxi dress or a simple t-shirt and leggings can make any outfit come together.

A Black Handbag

Handbags come in a variety of shapes, sizes, fabrics, designs, and colors. One handbag version that you can never go wrong with is a signature black handbag. Whether you’re going out for an evening or seeing a client for a lunch meeting, a classic black handbag goes with any outfit for any occasion.

black handbag

One great thing about a simple black handbag is that you can add accessories to make it stand out or add something extra. From a colorful printed scarf tied around the handle to a sparkly keychain for the zipper, there’s plenty of ways to change up this staple item. 

Simple Jewelry

Simple, or minimalist, jewelry has been on trend for decades. It’s the finishing touch that can give you a more polished feel. A delicate necklace, simple bracelet or a cigar band ring can add a hit of style and class to your look. No matter if you're wearing a suit for work or a leopard print top with stilettos, minimal jewelry can add a hit of something without going over the top.

simple jewelry

A Watch

Watches do more than just let you know the time, it’s also one of the few items you actually wear every day. Most of us rarely take off our watches and some have a variety of watches for different occasions. Having a signature timepiece is one of the accessories that can easily be matched to every outfit.

time watch

When you are in the process of purchasing a watch, it’s important to make sure you are choosing a style that can be worn all the time. Picking a classic gold with a slim band is definitely a timeless piece. The other thing to remember is that it properly fits your wrist. Too loose or too snug can be uncomfortable and you won’t get much wear out of it.

A Scarf

Adding a scarf to an outfit is one thing that looks good almost every time. They are stylish yet functional. They get you through cold winters and provide a little warmth in the fall months. With so many styles, colors, designs, and fabrics, you can build a scarf collection to wear any time of the year.

comfortable scarf

A classic, neutral-colored scarf is perfect because it goes with the rest of your wardrobe effortlessly. White or cream can lighten up a look and bring some contrast to a black jacket or navy suit. You can also switch up how you wear each scarf. You can wrap it, knot it, braid it and more!

Building a collection of these everyday accessories is a great way to add versatility to your wardrobe and create the illusion that you’re never an outfit repeater. Plus, it’s a much cheaper way to participate in the latest fashion trends instead of purchasing a completely new wardrobe every season. 

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August 05, 2019 — Allison Davidson Motoyama