The surge of DIY face masks is on the rise. 

These uncertain times call for people and companies to get creative in protecting themselves and others from COVID-19, especially when there is a lack of resources. One important feature of a face mask is elastic - the component used to make a mask wearable. Read more about the elastic shortage.

The high demand for elastic is forcing some companies to offer their raw materials as an alternative to consumers. Material that is one of the best alternatives to elastic is knit or stretchable material. One example of a knit material is jersey.

DIY facemask

Searching for continuous strips of this fabric can be another challenge. One company that is currently selling upcycled knit material in continuous knit strips is Dona Bela Shreds, a Des Moines, IA based company that uses upcycled textile remnants and creates fashion accessories called “Shreds.”

upcycled elastic materal

After receiving multiple e-mails from customers who were cutting up their own personal “Shreds” to create face masks, the owner of Shreds decided to sell the material directly to consumers.

Dona Bela Shreds now offers upcycled knit material as an elastic alternative for mask-making. Upcycled knit material can be purchased now in 5-yard bundles and 20-yard bundles.

Dona Bela Shres

Then, once you’ve tackled the hurdle of finding the right material for your DIY mask, you can learn how to make your own cloth-based face mask.

Being kind to others right now means... wear a mask. Please stay healthy, stay positive.

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April 13, 2020 — Allison Motoyama