It’s officially summer and hair accessories are all the rage right now. Over-sized headbands and scrunchies are back in full-force, but we are also seeing a big industry focus on eco-friendly, sustainable fashion accessories. 

Sustainable fashion accessories typically call for a higher price tag, especially if they are made in the USA. For many, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a strong need to budget accordingly, and most self-care and gift items (think headbands and fashion accessories) have taken a backseat to essential goods and services. 

However, self-care has also become an important need during this time of quarantine and social distancing. To some, self-care may come in the form of a small purchase that makes you look good and feel good.

What if you could rock your new hair accessory, promote sustainability and still not break a $10 budget?

Check out these three companies that sell eco-friendly hair accessories under $10. 


Dona Bela Shreds Bela Bands - $8. What if you could buy an eco-friendly hair accessory that could be a scrunchie, a headband or a necklace? The multifunctional individual Bela Bands come in an array of colors and designs to make any eco-fabulous ensemble stand out.  Dona Bela Shreds upcycles textile remnants and creates fun and sustainable fashion accessories. You can also purchase  Bela Bands in Style Packages of two and four for a lower price per Bela Band.

Texture Clothing Oversized Headbands  - $6. Texture uses scraps of eco-friendly fabric and makes them into the oversized headbands - the trending headband style for 2020. The headband material is uber comfortable and come in 7 solid and patterned fabrics. 

Tasc Performance Flamingo Braid  - $7 . We love Tasc’s mission: “We believe in Bamboo. We believe in Organic Cotton. We believe plastics suck.” Their Flamingo Braid Headband is sold on their website for only $7. The fun color combination of blue, green and pink is super cute and the no-slip elastic allows for some added functionality. 

    Affordability - ✔️

    Environmentally-friendly - ✔️

    Self care factor. Look good - Feel good - ✔️✔️

    Stay well. Stay fabulous.

    June 22, 2020 — Allison Motoyama