According to both the Associated Press and the national weather service, this past September was the hottest one we’ve ever seen. 2020 hasn’t been a kind year by any standards, but it's now more important than ever to do what we can to make things a little bit better. One of the best ways to help the environment, is to buy green. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find businesses that actually use 100% recycled materials in their products.

That’s why I’ve compiled a list of five businesses that are 100% green in addition to talking a little bit about the benefits of buying green. This September is just more proof of how much we need to do to help our planet. Every little bit counts.

Why Bother Buying Green?

This is a pretty easy question to answer. There’s a lot of benefits. Many green companies aren’t as expensive as you might think. Most will always provide high quality products for affordable prices. It’s a great way to save money and not sacrifice on quality.

There are a lot of local small businesses that are green too. It’s never a bad idea to support the local economy. Especially when an overwhelming majority of green companies are small, independent businesses. 

Then there’s the fact that many of our greenhouse gas emissions are tied to the production of consumer goods and their materials. Industry, commercial sources, and the electricity that powers them contribute to a majority of the greenhouse gasses that are produced. The more we buy green, the demand for products that produce these emissions will go down which helps the environment by lowering toxic emissions. 

Sounds Good! But what Companies are Green?

Well thankfully I’ve compiled a list of five great green companies. There are many, many more. I encourage everyone to look at their local businesses and search out which ones are eco-friendly. 

Dona Bela Shreds

It should be no surprise that the business associated with this blog is eco-friendly! Dona Bela Shreds is all about upcycling the leftover fabric that the fashion industry would otherwise throw away. Dona Bela Shreds makes a variety of fashion accessories like scarfs, headbands, and DIY kits! Just like many of the companies on this list, Dona Bela Shreds is a local business and makes all their products in house. There’s no better place to go for eco-friendly fashion accessories.

Green Toys

Children’s toys aren’t something we usually think about when we think about buying green. Thankfully, Green Toys has got us covered there. Green Toys uses recycled milk jugs to provide eco-friendly toys that are 100% safe to use. They make a wide variety of toys and have almost recycled 100 million milk jugs at the time of this blog post! 


Dog toys can be green too! Westpaw is a company that prides themselves on their recycled and handmade dog toys. They craft each dog bed and chew toy to be as safe and fun as doggily possible. They cover just about everything your fuzzy companion could ever need. Dog treats, toys, beds, leashes, and more are all things they make at a 100% eco friendly and safety guarantee. 

Blue Planet Eyewear
Millions and millions of people wear glasses to help them see. Unfortunately, there aren’t many green eyewear companies; however, Blue Planet Eyewear is an exception. They donate a pair of glasses to those in need every time someone buys a pair. They work without a variety of charity organizations to do more good as well. They’ve essentially forged an alliance of environmental activists and charities dedicated to helping those in need.


Shoes are something every active person goes through quickly. That’s why Allbirds makes shoes that last and make them out of only natural materials that biodegrade. They also make some apparel items like coats and shirts. What’s their secret to using all natural materials? Wool! Not just in their coats, but their shoes too! They’ve made a one in a kind wool based shoe that lasts and is as green as it gets.

A Fight Worth Fighting 

I’m not here here to throw doomsday statistics at anyone. It's pretty easy to search for those on the internet. I’m just here to encourage some environmentally conscious buying habits. It’s easy to forget, especially in these times, that there companies besides your biggest retailers in the world.

Many, many small companies are doing their best to provide us with products and services that are ethically made and environmentally conscious. If we want to see real change in the world, we need to support it anyway we can.

So next time you think about buying a scarf or dog toys, perhaps consider looking for a green company first. They’ll be more than happy to provide for you.


November 05, 2020 — Allison Motoyama